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Increase in Adderall Usage Sparks Concern Regarding Addiction

2023-09-26T10:04:13-04:00September 26, 2023|Detox|

Adderall is a prescription that was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1996. A combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, which are two central nervous system stimulants, Adderall is often prescribed to treat both children and adults that are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD.) It can also be prescribed to treat patients that have narcolepsy. Most individuals use Adderall because it helps them stay focused, complete tasks, or combat the symptoms of ADHD. ADHD is often demonstrated by behaviors that include inattention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness, and includes symptoms such as: Being unable to sit still, especially in calm or quiet settings Being unable to concentrate on tasks or activities Constantly fidgeting Excessive talking Excessive physical movement [...]

What You Need to Know Before Going to Detox

2023-09-11T11:08:26-04:00September 11, 2023|Detox|

The choice to take steps to stop active addiction typically begins with the decision to seek addiction treatment. The first step in that process usually involves entering a drug and alcohol detox center in order to manage any withdrawal symptoms, get any mental health issues under control, and get physically and emotionally stable to then engage in a longer-term treatment process. Before going to a drug and alcohol detox, it is essential for potential patients and their family members and loved ones to be informed and prepared to ensure a safe, comfortable, and successful detox process. Patients entering detox and treatment, and their family members and loved ones, need to make sure that the facility is the right fit, as [...]

5 Best Reasons To Go To Drug and Alcohol Detox

2023-08-29T09:27:12-04:00August 29, 2023|Detox|

Deciding to go to a drug and alcohol detox program is never an easy decision for someone in active addiction, but it can be a crucial step towards achieving sobriety and starting a journey of long-term recovery from alcoholism and addiction. Choosing to enter a drug and alcohol detox is also an important first step in improving an individual’s overall health, wellness, and well-being. Active addiction takes a toll on a person. They have put their bodies through hell and are often in poor health physically and a poor place emotionally and mentally. However, while this may be difficult for the average person to understand, making the decision to stop using drugs and alcohol and enter a detox or rehab [...]

What Happens After a Drug Detox?

2023-09-18T13:51:29-04:00August 28, 2023|Uncategorized|

Recovery can certainly be hard work. Thankfully, treatment for addiction in PA and the rest of the country has advanced by leaps and bounds over just the last decade. Admitting to a modern drug detox center can keep you safe and comfortable through what is the toughest part for most people—the withdrawal phase. But what comes next? Making a Lasting Change After Drug Detox Rest assured that you or your loved one can get through what tends to be the more physically demanding part of stopping drugs or alcohol. But what happens next? After all, people generally don’t enter addiction treatment unless a series of events (and oftentimes consequences) lead them there. Getting past withdrawal is key, but how do [...]

Do I Need to Detox From Sleep Meds like Ambien?

2023-09-18T13:17:08-04:00August 27, 2023|Uncategorized|

Chronic insomnia or sleeplessness plagues more than 40 million Americans, according to a study published in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care. Whether job stress, lifestyle choices, or a medical condition are to blame, chronic insomnia is more than simply frustrating– it often has an impact on physical and mental health too.  In this article, Innovo Detox explores what it takes to detox from sleep meds safely and comfortably.  What Are Prescription Sleep Meds? Sedative-hypnotic medications, AKA sleeping pills, like Ambien or Lunesta, are used to help people fall and/or stay asleep through the night. They work primarily by suppressing activity in the brain and central nervous system.  The medicines most often prescribed for chronic insomnia fall into [...]

Extended Medical Stabilization and Inpatient Treatment at Innovo Detox

2023-09-18T11:32:31-04:00August 16, 2023|Uncategorized|

Detox from drugs and alcohol is often the first step for someone seeking treatment for addiction and substance use disorder, and it is often a vital first step in an addiction treatment continuum of care and journey of recovery from addiction. Typically referred to as detox, detoxification is a medically supervised and managed process that removes substances from the body, safely and comfortably helping individuals to manage withdrawal symptoms in a controlled healthcare environment. Detox aids a patient in finding physical and medical stabilization. However, detox alone can often be detrimental to the treatment and recovery process. This is because patients often have the belief that once they are physically separated from the substances they are using or misusing [...]

Innovo Detox: A Luxury Detox Center for Everyone

2023-09-15T15:40:32-04:00August 7, 2023|Detox|

Unfortunately, when most people think of a drug and alcohol detox, they picture a rundown building that is overcrowded and understaffed. They think of uncomfortable beds, bad food, and minimum services that support patient care. They think of a place to just get through withdrawals. Sometimes, they think of a psych ward in a hospital. Regardless, the picture that most people have in their head of what a detox for drugs and alcohol looks like is not pretty, comforting, inviting, or safe. Additionally, most people believe that in order to access a high quality, luxury detox center that includes private rooms, 5 Star meals, and comfortable amenities, they would need to be wealthy. A stigma has developed in the area [...]

Immediate Health Benefits of Alcohol Detox

2023-07-25T12:00:47-04:00July 25, 2023|Uncategorized|

It's human nature not to be fully committed and motivated to follow something through unless they are aware of its full range of potential benefits. And alcohol detox is no different. Giving up alcohol is definitely not easy. But once you learn more about the health benefits of alcohol detox, you will be more inclined towards making an effort. Alcohol detox removes harmful toxins from the body, which is critical to recovering from alcohol addiction. The human body has a natural way of processing alcohol, but when an individual becomes dependent on it, it can significantly compromise their overall well-being. Alcohol detox helps restore a person's physical and mental health, reduces the risk of liver and heart diseases, and improves [...]

Robert Adams Announced as New Innovo Detox Director of Support Services

2023-08-02T10:52:51-04:00July 19, 2023|Detox|

Innovo Detox is excited to announce the promotion of Robert Adams to the role of Director of Support Services. In this new role, Robert will be stepping into the management team here at Innovo Detox and taking a supervisory role overseeing the staff of Therapeutic Assistants (TAs) on our recovery support staff. Robert’s higher education at Towson University and extensive experience in both retail management and human resources were a long way from landing in a position working with individuals struggling with addiction, substance use disorders, and co-occurring mental health disorders. However, an important strength needed in all aspects of behavioral health, but especially in direct patient care that comes from working in a recovery support staff role, is the [...]

Detox and The Mind Body Connection

2023-07-25T12:06:12-04:00July 12, 2023|Uncategorized|

Most people don't realize that their feelings actually influence their thought process. The truth is that there's a deep connection between your mind and body. (1) And this connection is integral to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as it impacts both our physical and mental health. Many studies have shown that negative emotions can cause physical stress on the body, leading to an increased risk of illness and disease. Conversely, engaging in physical activity releases endorphins that can improve mood and reduce stress levels. By understanding the connection between our minds and our bodies, we can make informed choices that benefit both aspects of our health. How Deeply Are Your Mind and Body Connected? The mind-body connection is a relationship that [...]

Innovo Detox Welcomes Dee Dee Brody as New Continuing Care Coordinator

2023-06-27T14:37:16-04:00June 27, 2023|Detox|

We are excited to announce the addition of Dee Dee Brody to the Innovo Detox staff as our new Continuing Care Coordinator. Dee Dee will join Mike Kessler, Director of Continuing Care at Innovo Detox, to provide comprehensive case management and aftercare planning services for patients to ensure the next steps in their treatment and recovery journey. Dee Dee joins Innovo Detox will a vast experience working within the healthcare field. A veteran of the United States Marine Corps as an Aviation Operations Specialist, she initially joined the medical field after discharge as a Case Management Nurse, working for a large hospital system in central Pennsylvania. In that role, she demonstrated much of the responsibilities that will make her uniquely [...]

Innovo Detox is Now In-Network with Aetna

2023-06-19T09:51:47-04:00June 15, 2023|Innovo Updates|

Innovo Detox is proud to announce that our facility is now an in-network provider for Aetna! As a medical health insurance provider, Aetna delivers services to about 39 million people across the United States. This ability to accept Aetna insurance as an in-network provider allows us to continue to increase access for patients in need of addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders to the high-quality detox, withdrawal management, medical stabilization, and rehab services offered at Innovo Detox.  “We are excited to now be an in-network provider for Aetna,” said Molly Ashcroft, Innovo Detox Executive Director. “Aetna has long been a health insurance company with an understanding related to those of their members dealing with substance use and mental health [...]

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