Meet Debby MacNeil, Innovo Detox Director of Admissions

2020-06-17T10:13:47+00:00June 3, 2020|Innovo Updates|

At Innovo Detox we feel it’s important for potential patients, their families, and professional colleagues to meet our staff and know who we are, so they can have a level of trust before starting the often scary process of detox and medical stabilization before continuing on in their process of recovery.

What Medications are Used During Detox?

2020-06-17T10:16:52+00:00May 27, 2020|Detox|

Part of any medical detox protocol to help someone stop misusing drugs and alcohol are medications. Whether is it over-the-counter medications to aid in regular discomfort, or specific and targeted medications to help with withdrawal, medications can play a key role in helping a patient get through any physical and mental discomfort and act as a necessary bridge through the difficult first days and weeks of early recovery.

Addiction Detox and the First Days of Recovery: What to Expect

2020-06-02T18:49:40+00:00May 21, 2020|Detox|

Here at Innovo Detox in Pennsylvania, we understand that making the decision to stop active addiction and seek out recovery is daunting. The fear of withdrawals, the fear of detox, the fear of change, and the fear of living life without drugs and alcohol can be scary, and that fear can keep someone in active addiction for many years.

Innovo Detox: Taking All Necessary Precautions to Ensure Patient and Staff Health and Safety during COVID-19

2020-06-17T10:18:41+00:00May 19, 2020|Innovo Updates|

Here at Innovo Detox, we understand the ongoing uncertainty and anxiety surrounding the coronavirus public health pandemic. However, we also know that people seeking detox in Pennsylvania and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic area cannot put on hold seeking services. Addiction is too deadly an epidemic to “wait till COVID ends.”

Nurses Appreciation Week 2020: May 6th-12th

2020-05-07T14:59:35+00:00May 6, 2020|Innovo Updates|

The week of May 6th through May 12th is National Nurses Appreciation Week in the United States. National Nurses Week begins every year on May 6th. National Nurses Week is an annual celebration to elevate and celebrate the nursing profession and all the dedicated, hardworking nurses nationwide.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

2020-05-07T14:59:04+00:00May 4, 2020|Mental Health|

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Since 1949, the month of May in America has been considered Mental Health Awareness Month, an opportunity to create platforms throughout the country to bring awareness about mental health and mental illness.

Meet Innovo Detox Executive Director Molly Ashcroft

2020-06-17T10:22:53+00:00April 29, 2020|Innovo Updates|

We are proud to publicly announce Molly Ashcroft, CADC, as Executive Director of Innovo Detox. With an extensive background working in the field of addiction treatment and recovery, Molly is uniquely positioned to lead the Innovo Detox staff as the premier provider of detox and medical stabilization services in the Mid-Atlantic area for those suffering from addiction, substance use disorder, and co-occurring disorders.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP): Transitioning to Telehealth

2020-06-17T10:58:59+00:00April 27, 2020|IOP|

It is important to understand that as a chronic illness, addiction requires a long-term continuum of care and ongoing recovery support to achieve optimal results. Long-term sustainable recovery often comes from long-term clinical care, recovery support and engagement, and ongoing monitoring.