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Innovo Detox: 6 Month Update

2020-09-14T17:38:40+00:00September 14, 2020|Innovo Updates|

Innovo Detox, a MARC Treatment Center, opened its door in Adams County, Pennsylvania on March 16th, 2020.   Two years of planning and construction went into providing a first-of-its-kind, state-of-the-art stand-alone detox facility to offer services to those suffering from addiction and co-occurring disorders.   Understanding that addiction is a complex, chronic illness that often requires long-term treatment and recovery support, we also knew two key points: 1) That detox, withdrawal management and medical stabilization are often the key first step in the recovery process for the majority of individuals suffering from addiction, and 2) everyone's path of recovery is different and that while a continuum of care that includes treatment and recovery support is key, not everyone's journey will [...]

Innovo Detox: Meet the Team

2020-09-09T20:03:52+00:00August 18, 2020|Innovo Updates|

Individuals seeking help for addiction and family members seeking services to help their loved ones should have a clear picture of who is delivering the care. Here at Innovo Detox, we understand that suffering from addiction is lonely, painful, and often encompasses the individual, and their family and loved ones with a feeling of hopelessness.

Innovo Detox: 90 Day Update

2020-07-31T18:05:42+00:00June 22, 2020|Innovo Updates|

On Thursday, March 5th we held our Open House for Innovo Detox in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania in preparation for opening our doors to accept patients on Monday, March 16th. It was a lovely day. The facility was spotless.