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What Happens During Detox for Drugs and Alcohol?

2022-06-28T19:01:44+00:00June 28, 2022|Detox|

Entering a medical detox for drugs and alcohol is often the first step in an individual’s process of addiction treatment and personal recovery. Whether it was years in active addiction to drugs and alcohol, or just a short period of time misusing substances, detox offers a safe, supportive environment where someone can be medically separate from drugs and alcohol comfortably, and be brought to a place of physical, mental, and emotional stabilization.   However, for many people suffering from substance use disorder, the thought of stopping the use of drugs and alcohol can be terrifying. Concern for withdrawal can be scary, but also can be the idea of how to live life sober and free of substances. Therefore, when talking [...]

Polysubstance Abuse and Drug and Alcohol Detox

2022-06-09T14:03:39+00:00June 8, 2022|Detox|

While many individuals seek detox and treatment for one substance (think an individual who only drinks or someone that only uses opioids), many people that seek detox and treatment do so for the misuse of multiple substances. Someone using more than one drug in active addiction is fairly common amongst individuals suffering from substance use disorder. This is known as polysubstance use or polysubstance abuse.   Polysubstance use is when someone uses two or more substance together or within a short period of time. This can be either intentionally or unintentionally. Polysubstance dependence refers to a type of substance use disorder in which an individual uses at least three different classes of substances indiscriminately and does not have a favorite [...]

How Long Do You Need to Drink or Use Drugs Before Needing Detox?

2022-04-25T20:51:08+00:00March 21, 2022|Detox, Uncategorized|

One of the main questions an individual or concerned family members asks regarding substance use disorder or addiction is how long someone needs to abuse drugs or alcohol before they need detox. Often a concerned parent, spouse or loved one will call a rehab or addiction treatment center because they are concerned about their loved one’s drug use or drinking. They will often ask if that loved one needs detox based on the amount of time the person has been misusing drugs or having issues with their drinking.   Unfortunately, there is no cut and dry or black and white answer regarding this question. Every person is different, with different factors regarding their substance misuse including different biology, different physiology, [...]

Top 10 Benefits of Drug and Alcohol Detox

2022-03-16T18:28:56+00:00February 14, 2022|Detox|

There are obvious benefits to sobriety. A life without drugs and alcohol often brings with it a life free of the consequences or difficulties often associated with addiction. If a person suffers from addiction, they also deal with things often associated with addiction, including internal issues like mental health concerns, emotional difficulties, pain, trauma, low self-esteem, guilt, and shame, along with external consequences like relationship issues, financial hardships, and difficulties at school or work. So, it makes sense that if a life of drug and alcohol addiction brings with it pain, suffering and consequences, that a life free of drugs and alcohol should also bring with it much less pain, suffering and consequences.   However, when seeking and finding sobriety [...]

Expectations of a Drug and Alcohol Detox

2022-03-16T20:16:53+00:00February 7, 2022|Detox|

When an individual or loved one calls into a detox because there is an issue with drugs and alcohol, it is usually during a crisis. Perhaps there has been an overdose and the potential patient is in the hospital emergency room? Perhaps there has been a relapse? Perhaps this is the first attempt at treatment, but the person has had a long history of addiction? Perhaps it is the parents calling, after catching their child using drugs? Perhaps the person has been to many rehabs over time, but can’t seem to find sustainable recovery? Perhaps the person, after attempting to stop on their own, has found they are going through drug or alcohol withdrawal and are scared?   There are [...]

The Dangers of Outpatient Detox

2022-02-02T18:05:04+00:00February 1, 2022|Detox|

Most individuals suffering from addiction, substance use disorder, or substance abuse often balk at going to a detox or treatment center. There are many reasons for this. Most people don’t believe that their drug or alcohol problem is as bad as it is, even if family and friends can see that it is extremely problematic. Most people suffering from addiction, when confronted with the need to seek help and treatment, are scared. They habitually only know one way to live (with the use of drugs and alcohol) and going to detox or treatment means they are going to have to give up their “solutions” of substances. They are scared of what life will be like without drugs and alcohol; they [...]

How Long Does It Take to Detox?

2022-02-09T18:48:10+00:00January 27, 2022|Detox|

One of the major questions we here when someone calls into Innovo Detox is, “How long will it take me to detox?” This is often asked because the potential patient already has in their mind the length of time they are willing to give to detox. People often call as say something like, “I’m only willing to come for 4 or 5 days” or “I need to detox but I’ll only do three days.” The amount of time it takes to medically detox from drugs and alcohol is different for everyone, because everyone has a different number of substances they are using and a different history of using substances.   Just like anything else in the treatment of addiction, detox, [...]

Your Drug and Alcohol Detox Team

2022-01-31T21:40:31+00:00January 19, 2022|Detox|

Most people understand somewhat what occurs at a drug and alcohol detox, a rehab, or an addiction treatment center. They understand that a patient admits, goes through a medical detox and then begins engaging in clinical treatment services. Those services typically include individual and group therapy. Good rehabs will also include family therapy and psychiatry, along with other case management services. Still other facilities include holistic practices such as massage, meditation, fitness and exercise, amongst other options. However, many people don’t necessarily understand the staff that provides direct patient care and how that staff is created to best support a patient through detox and treatment and towards recovery.   At a detox facility like Innovo Detox, there are many staff [...]

Do I Need Detox?

2022-01-31T21:27:46+00:00January 12, 2022|Detox|

A medical detox from drugs and alcohol is often necessary for anyone suffering from addiction or substance use disorder. It is also well-known that a drug or alcohol detox is the safest and most effective way for an individual to stop using drugs and alcohol and begin the process of overcoming addiction and finding recovery.   However, addiction is also a cunning, baffling, and powerful disease. Many people in the grips of active addiction refuse to admit they are having a problem or issue with drugs and alcohol, even when it is obvious to friends and family. Even when confronted with the need to get help, individuals in active addiction will often fight tooth and nail to avoid going to [...]

Adderall Misuse and the Need for Detox

2021-11-11T19:08:26+00:00November 1, 2021|Detox|

Adderall misuse is on the rise throughout the United States. Adderall is a medication that is a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. A legal amphetamine, it is often prescribed to treat conditions like narcolepsy and ADHD. There is somewhat of an epidemic of overprescribing of the medication, especially to children, adolescents, and young adults. For many individuals, and especially those prescribed Adderall at a young age, there is often a penchant for abuse or misuse of the medication.   Outside of those individuals that are prescribed and use and misuse Adderall, there is also a large segment of the population that buy and use Adderall without a prescription. In high schools and college campuses around the country, many students use [...]

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