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Drug and Alcohol Detox: One Day at a Time

2021-10-12T20:43:53+00:00October 12, 2021|Addiction Recovery, Detox|

A major obstacle for many individuals that suffer from addiction is the fear or disbelief they have about staying sober “forever.” If you ask someone that has suffered from alcohol or drug addiction, typically they have sought comfort and emotional relief from substance use for many years. Drugs and alcohol give them an escape, or are a stress reliever, or even numb mental, emotional, or physical pain that they experience. Given that fact, and years of using substances in this way as a coping mechanism, the use of substances becomes normalized. Therefore, since they are so used to having drugs and alcohol be a part of their daily lives, the thought of giving up substances is terrifying.   So, because [...]

What is a Medical Detox?

2021-09-30T15:24:21+00:00September 28, 2021|Detox|

The term “detox” is often used incorrectly or inaccurately when discussing addiction. Many people addicted to drugs and alcohol use the term “detox” when they are actually referring to withdrawals or withdrawal symptoms. Someone may say “I detoxed off heroin” or “I need to detox from alcohol” when they are in fact referring to the withdrawal process. This is the case because detox as a concept generally refers to cleansing the body. It is why people use it for everyday situations as well, such as “I’m detoxing from sugar.”   So sometimes when a person says “I detoxed” from drugs and alcohol, what they really mean is not that they went to a detox or addiction treatment facility, but rather [...]

The Dangers of Feeling Better after Detox

2021-09-30T13:51:58+00:00September 16, 2021|Detox|

One of the biggest issues that people run into during detox is the immediate need to “get back to their life” once they’ve gone through withdrawals and begin to feel physically better. It is well-known that patients receiving addiction treatment whether at a stand-alone detox or during detox in a month-long residential rehab have high rates of leaving treatment AMA (against medical advice, also sometimes known as ACA or against clinical advice) once they have gone through detox and begin to feel better physically or feel “normal” again.   This is extremely dangerous for the patient. For one, patients in detox or treatment for opioids run a very high risk of overdosing if they use again. After detox, the body [...]

A Short-Term, Stand-Alone Detox Can Help You Get Back to your Life Responsibilities Quickly

2021-09-29T17:34:57+00:00July 14, 2021|Detox|

For almost anyone suffering from substance use disorder or addiction, some level of addiction treatment is always important, and a detox to help with withdrawal management and medical stabilization is always vital. However, we also know that those suffering from addiction can always create excuses as to why they can’t go to treatment immediately. Talk to someone suffering from addiction and they almost always admit that they need help and want to stop using drugs and alcohol; to overcome their addiction and seek recovery; to find health and healing. However, tell them that they are suffering from a potentially fatal illness and to come to treatment immediately, and they will often backpedal, listing off a number of excuses as to [...]

How Medication Mismanagement Can Lead to Addiction in the Elderly

2021-04-14T15:02:59+00:00March 22, 2021|Detox|

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), five out of every six people age 65 or older are prescribed and taking at least one medication, and half of the elderly population in America are taking three or more medications. Additionally, over half of the elderly population throughout the country are medication non-compliant, which means that these seniors fail or refuse compliance to necessary medications and/or that the elderly patient does not take the prescribed medication or followed the prescribed course of treatment. Causes of Medication Mismanagement in the Elderly Some of the more common causes of medication mismanagement within the elderly population are: Financial Memory loss Vision or hearing problems Physical limitations or issues such as swallowing Social isolation [...]

How Do I Know If I Need Detox?

2021-04-14T14:32:21+00:00March 18, 2021|Detox|

Many people that suffer from addiction, substance abuse, substance misuse, or substance use disorder after a sustained period of time using drugs and/or alcohol find that they cannot quit on their own. Some are unable to quit for even a short period of time, while others may be able to stop using or drinking for a short period, but immediately pick back up. Others, based on the types of substances (such as heroin or other opioids, benzodiazepines, or alcohol) become physically dependent and any stoppage of use can immediately cause dangerous and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Even others may use substances, such as marijuana or cocaine, that may have some slight physical withdrawal symptoms, but have even worse mental or emotional [...]

Which Drug Withdrawals can be Fatal?

2021-02-25T20:16:10+00:00February 23, 2021|Detox|

The term “withdrawal” related to drugs and alcohol is most often associated with heroin or other powerful opioid medications. The physical reactions that a person experience’s when they are unable to use a substance that causes physical dependency, such as heroin or fentanyl, or OxyContin.   Withdrawal, or drug withdrawal syndrome or substance withdrawal syndrome, is the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that occur upon the abrupt discontinuation or decrease in the intake of certain substances, which can be used medicinally or recreationally. As an example, if a regular user of heroin abruptly stops using heroin, they begin to have both physical and mental symptoms, such as hot and cold sweats, muscle aches, and anxiety.   Almost all drugs and [...]

Benefits of a Short-Term, Stand-Alone Detox

2021-02-25T16:28:18+00:00February 1, 2021|Detox|

For those individuals suffering from addiction, the typical first step of the recovery process is detox. Detox is the short-term medical process by which an individual physically stops using drugs and/or alcohol. Often, depending on what substances they may be using, detox also includes managing withdrawal symptoms, both physically and mentally, that may occur and reaching a place of medical stabilization so that they may continue their treatment and recovery journey.   There are many benefits of a stand-alone detox. The first is time. Depending on the types of substances being used, the amount of substances being used, and the duration of the active addiction, a detox may last anywhere from 4 days to 14 days, making sure the drugs [...]

Greater Need for Detox and Treatment as Fatal Overdoses Increase During COVID-19

2021-02-25T16:04:54+00:00January 29, 2021|Detox|

A recent report from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) demonstrates that while America has been dealing with rising rates of addiction and mental health for a while, the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the drug overdose epidemic in America.   The CDC report highlights rising rates of overdoses and fatal overdoses in the 12-month period ending in May 2020. Over those 12 months (the latest available data), over 81,000 drug overdose deaths occurred in America, which is the highest total of drug overdose fatalities ever recorded in a 12-month period.   Unsurprising for anyone that has followed America’s addiction epidemic or tracked the rising rates of overdoses and fatal overdoses throughout the country, the number one culprit substance [...]

Drug and Alcohol Detox: 24/7 Medical Care

2021-02-25T15:51:02+00:00January 20, 2021|Detox|

People often ask the question why they should enter into a detox for drugs and alcohol, rather than trying to go through withdrawals on their own or detox themselves. Entering a detox facility can certainly be a scary proposition. It is frightening to think of starting a process of stopping drug and alcohol use, especially when substances have been such a normal part of their lives for so long.  It is frightening telling family, friends, and/or an employer that you are having issues with drugs and alcohol and you need to go away to detox, even for a short time. People are frightened by the stigma of addiction, worrying what others may think or say about them if they enter [...]

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